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How to chill any wine in 7 minutes flat

Don’t you know the seven-minute wine chilling trick?

It may sound a bit incredible but here is the trick that we encourage you to try.

Wet a bunch of paper towels or a dish towel available in your kitchen, wrap your warm or room temperature bottle of wine in them, and then stick it in the freezer for seven minutes.


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Seven minutes later, take it out from the freeze and unwrap the half-frozen paper towels from the wine bottle. What you get is a little bit cold wine bottle. But then the theory is that this trick seems to work much better for a normal bottle of wine (750 milliliters), but a liter takes double the time — 14 minutes is pretty darn drinkable.

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When the trick is tried over and over again on a regular bottle, and the finding comes out that it is best to

a) use a dish towel

b) get it sopping wet — try not to wring the water out out it!

After all, you will get a drinkably chilled wine, not cold, and infinitely more enjoyable than it would have been seven minutes earlier.

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