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VINEBOX is a subscription service that delivers wines to your door once a month. It is comprised of a set of three wines packed in a glass tube. The service is aimed at encouraging consumers to sip a moderate quantity of great wine sourced directly from producers throughout Europe. One glass at a time, without having to go for a bottle.


It is a simply a new way of wine tasting that allows you to taste great different wines in a fairly low-key environment  or at home.You surely don’t have to waste your time looking for fancy clothes to attend pricey wine tasting events, usually hosted in 5-star hotels or fine-dining restaurants. What is remarkable about Vinebox is that over 10,000 wines are tasted by their team of experts, and, according to them, less than 1% of wines they taste make it into a Vinebox.


Vinebox’s quality-guranteed wines are available starting at 30$ per box, each coming along with a tasting note to make sure that your wining experience is going to be knowledgeably superb.

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